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Votum Around the World Kick-off

Votum Around the World Kick-off


The “Votum around the World” campaign focus to empower distinctive individuals with Votum Swiss Made mechanical watches. It is a travelling experience like no other, for it was never attempted nor was it considered. There will be 4 (four) Votum watches prepared to travel around the world in an enigmatic journey, documented by entrusted consigners with media content and shared on social media platforms.


The fundamental purpose of the campaign is to provide emotional attachment between the entrusted consigners and the voyager watches. Developing an ethereal connection between distinct individuals and perpetual timepieces, entitle Votum to transpose this connection into its future collections of Swiss Made time measuring instruments.


Each particular watch must be consigned to a trustful person and it should be retained for 1 (one) week or less, but not more than 3 (three) weeks before the handing over. Respecting this process, Votum aspire to promote its vision of a non-elusive World. 
Upon receiving the watch, the consigner should consult the Votum booklet and use the timepiece conformingly. Emphasizing the wearability aspect of the watch, the consigner is encouraged to document the journey of the watch with media content. There is also a watch travel book in each of the travel kit received by the consigner, welcoming him to share stories and events occurred while wearing the Votum watch.


The enthusiastically aspect of the campaign is to be rewarded at the end based upon the best media content provided by the consigner or shared on social media platforms. There are a total of 8 (eight) Votum watches to be rewarded to distinct consigners.
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