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Friends of Votum

Friends of Votum

Friends of Votum Watches is a distinctive group of individuals that shares the same ideology while working in different industries. It is a gathering of characters united by the same ideas. The Foundation meeting took part at the Odeon restaurant in Biel/Bienne. It was an event like no other as no bells and whistles were needed, just some cool individuals sharing their ideas and enjoying a cold one and some nice cigars.

The Friends of Votum group is composed by likewise open-minded members such as:

Last Name:

Name: François

Date of birth: 23.07.61 

Nationality: Switzerland

Spoken Languages: DE, FR, EN

Occupation: CEO Watch Company

Contact: f.zahnd@abartwatches.com

 Shoe Size: 45
 Favorite Music: Funk, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, B.Marley, J.Hendrix  
 Favorite Movie: Flew over the cuckoo's nest
 Favorite Dish: Raw meat, tartare, carpaccio, raw fish, sashimi sushi, cheese fondue
 Favorite Drink: Gin Tonic, White wine
 Cultural Idol: Konstantin Wecker
 Sports Idol: Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali)
 Role Model: Nathalie Zahnd
 Favorite Country: Italy, Thailand
 Most beautiful women: Sophia Loren
 Motto: Everything will be alright


Last Name:

Name: Beat

Date of birth: 11.01.1966

Nationality: Switzerland

Spoken Languages: DE, FR, EN, IT, ES

Occupation: CEO Advertising Agency

Contact:  cattaruzza@bluewin.ch

 Shoe Size: 42
 Favorite Music: Depends on the mood
 Favorite Movie: Rubber
 Favorite Dish: Not too heavy and prepared with love
 Favorite Drink: Beer and Whine
 Cultural Idol: Donald Judd
 Sports Idol: Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards
 Role Model: Joseph father of Jesus
 Favorite Country: Switzerland
 Most beautiful women: Jodie Foster


Last Name:

Name: Rolf

Date of birth: 05.08.1957

Nationality: Switzerland

Spoken Languages: DE, EN

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Contact:  condes@active.ch

 Shoe Size: 41
 Favorite Music: R&B and Jazz
 Favorite Movie: Groundhog Day
 Favorite Dish: Spaghetti
 Favorite Drink: Red Wine
 Cultural Idol: Onorio Mansutti
 Sports Idol: Marcel Hirscher
 Role Model: Onorio Mansutti
 Favorite Country: Switzerland, Italy
 Most beautiful women: My Women
 Motto: No day passes without having learned something


Last Name:

Name: Nicola

Date of birth: 03.08.1983

Nationality: Switzerland

Spoken Languages: DE, EN, FR

Occupation: CEO Antik shop/bistro

Contact:  info@antik-unique.ch

 Shoe Size: 43
 Favorite Music: Every kind of Music
 Favorite Movie: The Godfather
 Favorite Dish:
 Favorite Drink: Punch made out of plants
 Cultural Idol:
 Sports Idol:
 Role Model:
 Favorite Country: United States
 Most beautiful women: Nina Calderari
 Motto: The greatest thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as is what direction you are moving.


Last Name: 

Name:  Leandro 

Date of birth: 28.10.1962

Nationality: Switzerland

Spoken Languages: DE, EN, FR, IT


Contact:  lcmac7@me.com

 Shoe Size: 45.5
 Favorite Music: Jovanotti, Jack Johnson, Cake Music
 Favorite Movie: The bridges of Madison County
 Favorite Dish: Phò Ga
 Favorite Drink: London Pride
 Cultural Idol: Keith Haring
 Sports Idol: Eric Cantona
 Role Model: My dad, my mother, my wife, my kids and a lot of people I think they could be an example to me, each for a little something
 Favorite Country: I don’ have a favorite country by favorites cities: Bienne, Milano, London, Barcelona, Berlin, New York
 Most beautiful women: Valérie and Luana Maccarini
 Motto: I have found God, but he is insufficient, so I have to take care of myself by myself


Last Name: 

Name: Yves

Date of birth: 25.03.1968

Nationality: Switzerland

Spoken Languages: DE, EN, FR

Occupation: Wine tester

Contact:  beckustator@bluewin.ch 

 Shoe Size: 42
 Favorite Music:  Depeche Mode, Witold Lutoslawski
 Favorite Movie: James Bond
 Favorite Dish: Raclette, Risotto
 Favorite Drink: Wine
 Cultural Idol: Sponge Bob
 Sports Idol: Simon Ammann
 Role Model:
 Favorite Country: World
 Most beautiful women: Juliette Binoche
 Motto: believe in what you do