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Three months Around the World

Three months Around the World

After three months the Votum Around the World Voyage watches travelled more than 50.000 Km empowering the wrists of their respective consigners.

Here is a selection of the documented media content received from different consigners.

[powr-instagram-feed id=46100dcd_1499685282]At the end of the campaign, two of the best media content per watch, provided by distinctive consigners, will be awarded with a Votum Swiss Made mechanical watch. There are a total of eight Votum watches prepared to be rewarded.

  • Hello Fatima,

    We have to inform you that we are looking forward to see some media content from your consigned Votum Swiss Made Watch. Please do send us pictures or videos either on our email address info@votumwatches.ch or upload them to the following link: cwok.me/u/6w0E
    We do also accept media content shared on Social Media platforms with the hashtag #votumaroundtheworld. If you are prepared to give the watch to the next consigner please instruct him to complete the following form on our official Votum website: https://www.votumwatches.com/pages/votum-around-the-world

    We are looking forward to hear back from you,


    The Votum Watches Team

  • Bonjour,
    J’ai l’honneur de participer a cet original défi et j’ai en ce moment la montre Votum Automatic. Je suis en France en région lyonaise, comment faire pour partager des photos avec vous et les autres participants?

    Bon voyage

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