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After almost one year around the World, from the 12th of March 2017 until the 16th of May 2018, the Votum voyager Watches returned home in Nidau, Switzerland. The homecoming party was hosted by Antik-Unique vintage Bistro in collaboration with Votum Watches and The Friends of Votum group. The main event of the evening was the decision of the jury concerning the best media content received from the Votum around the World consigners.

The jury was formed by the Friends of Votum group which was created during 2017 and is composed by close friends of the company. A special contribution to the final decision was assgned to Luna, the dachsund mascot of the Vintage Bistro. There will be a total of six watches prepared to empower the wrists of the Votum around the World consigners selected by the jury for their creativity expressed in the received media content.

There were lots of intricate pictures exhibiting the voyager Watches in different perspectives, but only a few of them stood out from all the rest and enchanted the eyes of the jury. Here you find the winners of the Votum around the World campaign which will receive a brand new Votum Watch starting from June 2018


Celina Radoi

Toronto, Canada


Patrick Eicher

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Ives Mauerer

Sardinia, Italy


Laila Najihi

Alcatraz, United States


New Classic

Urs Senser

Texas, United States

New Classic

Stephen Fanning

Hawaii, United States

  • Great Idea, love it!

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